Mare Purchase Program Application Form – PDF

Mare Purchase Program (MPP) for foals of 2024

The Mare Purchase Program offers a strong incentive to breeders to further invest in the breeding industry in Ontario.

In order to be eligible for the Mare Purchase Program, the following criteria must be met:

•This program is for in-foal mares purchased either online or in person at a recognized public auction outside of the Province of Ontario, with progeny of 2024 to foal in Ontario. RNA’s will not be eligible, must be a bona fide sale.

•To be eligible to receive funds through this program the individual or partnership must be a resident(s) of Ontario and possess a valid AGCO license. Proof of Residency will be required. In the event that a partnership includes a non-Ontario resident, proof of the percentage ownership of the Ontario resident will be required to establish the amount of incentive eligibility.

•Program funds will be payable when the complete application has been approved. A complete application includes:
1) An invoice from a recognized public sales company, along with proof of payment.
2) A copy of the mare’s Registration Papers.
3) A commitment that the mare will be enrolled in and complete the requirements of the Mare Residency Program as outlined in the applicable criteria book.

•In order to be eligible for the Mare Purchase Program, a minimum purchase price of $10,000 USD on any in-foal mare is required with NO maximum purchase price.

•Eligible applicants will receive 50% of the purchase price up to a maximum of $25,000 CAD per mare purchased.

•There is a maximum distribution of $75,000 CAD for any one individual, partnership, corporation or other ownership group.

•There is a bonus of $2,500 CAD for every mare that is bred back to a Registered Ontario Sire in the 2024 breeding season upon declaration of live foal with The Jockey Club.

•The total funding available for this program is $500,000 CAD and will be paid out on a “first come, first served” basis.

•For the purposes of this program, Canadian and US dollars are considered at par.

•If a mare aborts or otherwise loses her 2024 foal, the applicant will still qualify, provided the remaining program criteria are fulfilled.

•Ownership of the purchased mare cannot be transferred until the conditions/commitments made by the applicant are fulfilled.

•The Program Administrator, at its sole discretion, may make changes to the Mare Purchase Program criteria of any nature and kind whatsoever, including terms, conditions and distribution amounts. Program participants agree to be bound by such changes.

•Failure to provide the necessary supporting documentation as requested by the Program Administrator and/or nonfulfillment of the contract will result in ineligibility to the program and the legal requirement to reimburse the Administrator for any program funds received plus a 20% penalty.

• The Program Administrator shall have the right to take any means necessary to facilitate the return of the funds, including but not limited to a lien against any Breeders Awards earned up to the amount due.

•The Program Administrator may, at any time, verify the information provided on the application – such information includes, but is not limited to, purchase price, ownership, etc. If this verification provides details that are not in keeping with the criteria of the program, applicants will be required to return any amounts issued to them by the program.

•The Program Administrator will conduct random checks and, if deemed appropriate, reserves the right to review any purchase to ensure that all purchases are bona fide transactions. Any illicit conduct with regards to the purchase of mares that are entered into the program will be dealt with by the appropriate legal

•Any dispute shall be resolved by an arbitration panel selected by the Program Administrator. All decisions of the arbitration panel will be deemed final and

Mare Recruitment Program (MRP)

The Mare Recruitment Program will not be offered for the 2025 foaling season.

Live Foal Program

The Live Foal Program will not be offered for the 2024 foaling season.