Registered Ontario Bred Racing Program

In 2022, the Registered Ontario Bred Racing Program will consist of restricted stakes races for REGISTERED ONTARIO BRED fillies and REGISTERED ONTARIO BRED colts.

The Registered Ontario Bred Racing Program for 2022 shall include the following races:

  • (IT) – Inner Turf Course
  • (T) – Turf Course
Registered Ontario Bred Fillies & Mares’ Stakes
Shady Well StakesTwo-Year-Olds6 Furlongs$150,000December 03, 2022
Zadracarta StakesThree-Year-Olds & Up5 Furlongs (IT)$100,000September 04, 2022
Registered Ontario Breds
Clarendon StakesTwo-Year-Olds 6 Furlongs$150,000 December 03, 2022
Vice Regent StakesThree-Year-Olds & Up5 Furlongs (IT)$150,000September 3, 2022

Ontario Sired Stakes Program

In 2022, the Ontario Sires Stakes Program will consist of a series of stakes races that will be run throughout the racing season at Woodbine Racetrack. The Ontario Sires Stakes Program for 2022 includes the following races.

  • (IT) – Inner Turf Course
  • (T) – Turf Course
Ontario Sired Stakes
Ontario Jockey Club StakesFour-Year-Olds & Up6 Furlongs$100,000June 19, 2022
Ballade StakesFour-Year-Olds & Up Fillies & Mares6 Furlongs$100,000June 26, 2022
Victorian Queen StakesTwo-Year-Old Fillies7 Furlongs (T)$100,000September 24, 2022
Bull Page StakesTwo-Year-Old Colts & Geldings7 Furlongs (T)$100,000September 24, 2022
Shady Well  StakesTwo-Year-Old Fillies6 Furlongs$150,000December 03, 2022
Clarendon StakesTwo-Year-Olds6 Furlongs$150,000December 03, 2022
La Prevoyante StakesThree-Year-Olds & Up Fillies & Mares1 Mile & 1/16th$100,000December 10, 2022
Steady Growth StakesThree-Year-Olds & Up1 Mile & 1/16th$100,000December 11, 2022

Eligibility for Ontario Sired Stakes

An ONTARIO SIRED horse is eligible for all ONTARIO SIRED restricted races in Ontario, including the Ontario Sires Stakes program, providing it meets eligibility requirements and race entry conditions. See Section 3 “Program Definitions” section for the definition of an ONTARIO SIRED horse.

Registered Canadian Bred Stakes Program

In addition to incentives for REGISTERED ONTARIO BREDS and ONTARIO SIRED horses, the Thoroughbred Improvement Program provides additional money to selected stakes races in Ontario for registered Canadian Bred horses.

Thoroughbreds foaled in Canada, whose sires and dams are recorded in a stud book approved by the National Board of the CTHS, are eligible for Canadian Registration. All must have been foaled in Canada and have been registered as such with the CTHS National Office.

  • (IT) – Inner Turf Course
  • (T) – Turf Course
Triple Crown Series
Queen’s Plate StakesThree-Year-Olds1 Mile & 1/4$1,000,000August 21, 2022
Prince of Wales Stakes (Fort Erie)Three-Year-Olds1 Mile & 3/16th$400,000September 13, 2022
Breeders’ StakesThree-Year-Olds1 Mile & 1 1/2 (T)$400,000October 02, 2022
Filly Triple Tiara Series
Woodbine OaksThree-Year-Olds1 Mile & 1/8th$500,000July 24, 2022
Bison City StakesThree-Year-Olds1 Mile & 1/16th$250,000August 14, 2022
Wonder Where StakesThree-Year-Olds1 Mile & 1 1/4 (T)$250,000September 11, 2022
Registered Canadian Bred Stakes
Stella Artois Fury StakesThree-Year Old Fillies7 Furlongs$125,000June 11, 2022
Queenston StakesThree-Year-Olds7 Furlongs$125,000June 12, 2022
Plate Trial StakesThree-Year-Olds1 Mile & 1/8th$150,000July 24, 2022
Cup & Saucer StakesTwo-Year-Olds1 Mile & 1/16th (T)$250,000October 09, 2022
Princess Elizabeth StakesTwo-Year-Old Fillies1 Mile & 1/16th$250,000October 16, 2022
Coronation FuturityTwo-Year-Olds1 Mile & 1/8th$250,000November 06, 2022

Sales Stakes Program

In 2022, the Thoroughbred Improvement Program will provide added money to a series of “Sales Stakes” for eligible Canadian Bred horses.

All Sales Stakes races are to be run on Woodbine’s Main Track.

Sales Stakes
Algoma StakesThree-Year-Old Fillies7 Furlongs$100,000August 28, 2022
Elgin StakesThree-Year-Old Colts & Geldings7 Furlongs$100,000August 28, 2022
Muskoka StakesTwo-Year-Old Fillies6 & 1/2 Furlongs$200,000August 28, 2022
Simcoe StakesTwo-Year-Old Colts & Geldings6 & 1/2 Furlongs$200,000August 28, 2022

For further details on the Sales Stakes, please refer to the condition books. Please note that the location and dates of stakes races are subject to change.

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Ontario Sire Heritage Series

Ontario Sire Heritage Series logoIn 2022, the Ontario Sire Heritage Series will feature a total of four races – three opening legs and one final – for both 3-year-old colts & geldings and 3-year-old fillies. The total purse structure for the series is $800,000, offering three $100,000 preliminary legs per race, per division. The Heritage series will conclude with a pair of $100,000 finals for both divisions.

$70,000 in bonuses will be paid at the end of the series to the top three horses in each division based upon the following points system:

Points SystemAward for Each Division
1st – 10 points1st Place – $20,000
2nd – 7points2nd Place – $10,000
3rd – 5 points3rd Place – $5,000
4th – 3points
5th – 2 points
6th – 1 point

The Heritage series will be run at both Woodbine Racetrack and Fort Erie Racetrack.

  • (WIT) – Woodbine Inner Turf Course
  • (WT) – Woodbine E.P. Taylor Turf Course
  • (WM) – Woodbine Main Track
  • (FE) – Fort Erie Dirt Track
Three-Year-Old Fillies
Georgian Bay StakesThree-Year-Olds5 Furlongs (WIT)$100,000August 7, 2022
Rondeau Bay StakesThree-Year-Olds6 Furlongs (FE)$100,000September 13, 2022
Thunder Bay StakesThree-Year-Olds7 Furlongs (WT)$100,000October 21, 2022
Ashbridges Bay Stakes (FINAL)Three-Year-Olds1 Mile & 1/16th (WM)$100,000November 18, 2022
Three-Year-Old Colts & Geldings
Lake Huron StakesThree-Year-Olds5 Furlongs (WIT)$100,000August 7, 2022
Lake Erie StakesThree-Year-Olds6 Furlongs (FE)$100,000September 13, 2022
Lake Superior StakesThree-Year-Olds7 Furlongs (WT)$100,000October 21, 2022
Lake Ontario Stakes (FINAL)Three-Year-Olds1 Mile & 1/16th (WM)$100,000November 18, 2022