Ontario Bred Purse Bonuses

The Ontario Bred Purse Bonus is paid to the owner of REGISTERED ONTARIO BRED horses earning purse money in open races in Ontario. A REGISTERED ONTARIO BRED is eligible for the Bonus in any open race in Ontario until it has been claimed. Once a horse has been claimed, it is excluded from the Ontario Bred Purse Bonus program for the rest of its racing career.

In 2022 the Ontario Bred Purse Bonus is worth an additional 20% of the purse won by a REGISTERED ONTARIO BRED horse in an open race in Ontario.

The Ontario Bred Purse Bonus is paid to the owner of eligible REGISTERED ONTARIO BREDS at the time the purse is paid.

Ontario Sired Purse Bonuses

There will be a 20% purse bonus for ONTARIO SIRED horses at Fort Erie Race Track, paid out like the purse, in all open races. The only condition is that a horse can only be claimed once, regardless of where it was claimed, in any given calendar year, to be eligible for this bonus. The horse automatically becomes ineligible once claimed for the second time. All horses commence each racing year as eligible for said bonus until they have been claimed for a second time whereby they become ineligible.

Restricted Overnight Races

For 2022, $2,000,000.00 is available for Restricted Overnight racing at Woodbine Racetrack. These races will be based on the following:

  • Limited to ONTARIO BRED and/or ONTARIO SIRED horses which are not eligible for the ONTARIO BRED Bonus.
  • Once an ONTARIO SIRED horse has been claimed, it is eligible for the Ontario Sired bonus when competing for claiming at $19,000 or more.
  • ONTARIO SIRED horses running protected in maiden OS/OPT. $40,000, NW2 OS/OPT. $40,000 or NW3 OS/OPT. $40,000 will be ineligible for Ontario Sired bonus.
  • Once an ONTARIO BRED horse has been claimed, the horse is excluded from ONTARIO BRED bonus for the remainder of its racing career.

The money for Restricted Overnight racing at Fort Erie Race Track has been reallocated to the Fort Erie Ontario Sired Purse Bonus. If the total Bonus payments are less than $393,200, Ontario Bred and/or Ontario Sired restricted races may be carded.