Registering a Stallion as an Ontario Sire

The Ontario Sired program provides benefits to the owners of ONTARIO SIRES through Stallion Awards, and to the owners of ONTARIO SIRED horses through the Ontario Sire Heritage Series, Ontario Sired Stakes and the overnight restricted racing programs. A horse that is the progeny of an ONTARIO SIRE shall be recorded with Ontario Racing as ONTARIO SIRED.

Stallion Eligibility

  1. An ONTARIO SIRE is a stallion that has been nominated to, and accepted by, the Program for the breeding year. To be eligible for registration:
    • The stallion must stand his entire NORTHERN HEMISPHERE STUD SEASON in the Province of Ontario.
    • If the stallion is leased, either a Stallion Lease Declaration form or a copy of the actual lease, indicating relevant information and signatures, must be submitted to the Ontario Racing.
  2. Verification of ownership (or leasing) of the stallion will be confirmed by Ontario Racing. Where registration documentation verifying the ownership of a stallion is in the process of being transferred, and Ontario Racing is otherwise unable to verify the ownership of a stallion, other proof of ownership satisfactory to the Ontario Racing must be submitted with the application for registration.
  3. If an ONTARIO SIRE is sold, the Ontario Racing must be notified of the sale in writing, by the previous owner, within thirty (30) days of the sale. Copies of all transferred registration documents and completed registration forms must be filed with Ontario Racing.
  4. For stallions under lease, where any of the rights of the lessee are transferred to another party, the Ontario Racing must be notified within thirty (30) days of the transfer.
  1. Stallion owners, lessees, and AUTHORIZED AGENTS thereof signing the 2024 Thoroughbred Stallion Registration form must hold a current AGCO licence.
  2. An AUTHORIZED AGENT may sign on behalf of an owner or lessee, provided that:
    • The owner or lessee holds a current AGCO licence;
    • The AUTHORIZED AGENT holds a current AGCO licence;
    • The appropriate AUTHORIZED AGENT documents are recorded on file with Ontario Racing.
  3. To designate an AUTHORIZED AGENT, the BREEDER must submit a completed Appointment of Authorized Agent form to the Program Administrator.
  4. Stallion owners or lessees who do not hold a current AGCO licence in any other category may apply for a “Program” Licence, which is available for a fee.
  5. Ontario Racing, at its absolute discretion, may waive the breach of any stallion condition, which it does not consider prejudicial to the best interests of the Thoroughbred Improvement Program or the Ontario Sires Stakes program.

A stallion is ineligible for registration as a 2024 ONTARIO SIRE if it breeds or has bred any mares during the 2024 calendar year prior to the approval of the application.

Deadlines for Stallion Registration

A Thoroughbred Stallion Registration form for all stallion owners and managers is made available by the end of November each year on the Ontario Racing website for the following year’s breeding season. This form must be completed and returned by January 15th of that breeding season for the individual stallion’s progeny produced from that season to be eligible for ONTARIO SIRED status (and all relevant benefits), and for the stallion to be eligible for the Stallion Awards program.

A list of eligible ONTARIO SIRES will be published as soon as possible after January 15th.

Fees for Stallion Registration

The applicable fees for registering a stallion as an ONTARIO SIRE are:

  • $200 for a New Registration (if not registered as an ONTARIO SIRE in the previous year (2023)) OR,
  • $100 for a Renewal Registration (for stallions registered as an ONTARIO SIRE in the previous year (2023)).

Late Registration

To register a stallion after January 15th, the required Registration fee is $500 (for either “New” or “Renewal” registrations).

NOTE: The Program cannot guarantee the inclusion of the names of late registered stallions on the published stallion lists.

How to Register a Stallion

Registration of a stallion as an ONTARIO SIRE for the current breeding season requires completion of the 2024 Thoroughbred Stallion Registration form.

Completed forms including payment of all required fees must be submitted by the required deadline to:

Ontario Racing
Thoroughbred Improvement Program
400 – 10 Carlson Court
Etobicoke, ON  M9W 6L2
Telephone:  (416) 675-3993 X 2633
Fax:  416-477-5499

Any applications received by mail that have no postmark, or have an unreadable postmark on the envelope, will only be accepted up to January 15th. After that date the Late Registration Fee of $500 will apply. Therefore, to avoid being penalized for the failure of the postal service to properly postmark the envelope carrying the application, it is strongly recommended that these materials be sent by registered mail.

Failure to submit the appropriate registration fee along with the application will result in the foals born to that stallion in 2024 being ineligible for ONTARIO SIRED status (and all relevant benefits).